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Serving Little Ones
With Care

We specialise in paediatric care of children from head to toe, from birth through high school.

Serving Little Ones With Care

Dr Leo's Philosophy of Care

Evidence Based


I believe strongly in practising modern, up-to-date medicine that is based on robust evidence.

Ever Evolving


I adapt readily to changes in the practice of paediatric care. The basic care I provided 20 years ago has changed tremendously since.

Community Driven


To me, every child is unique. Thus, developing a relationship with children, teenagers, and families is important for me to provide the right care each child needs.

Reduce Medication Reliance

Reduce Medication Reliance

I am a strong believer that most children need few or no medications, and enjoy working with parents to determine what medicines will help, and what is unnecessary. This is a central part of my practice.

Bringing Loving Care To Healthcare

Dr. Leo trained in the United States, with degrees in History and Religion from Auburn University, subsequently graduating from medical school in 2000 from the University of Alabama.

He became US board-certified in 2003 in the speciality of Paediatrics, and in the sub-speciality of Paediatric Hematology/Oncology in 2016. Dr. Leo spent several years as a private practice Paediatric Hematologist/Oncologist before relocating with his family to Singapore in 2011.

Now, Dr. Leo cares for newborns at delivery all the way to their teenage years. Beyond his background in Hematology/Oncology, he has an interest in asthma, behavioural issues (primarily ADHD), teen health, and modern management of routine childhood illnesses.

Bringing Loving Care To Healthcare

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